An incident has happened involving my club or society, what do I do next?

Even with the best planning and preparation, incidents do occur and it’s important that you understand how to handle them effectively and sensitively. Here is our advice on how to handle them, you can also pop into the Activities Office or get in touch with the team if you want more guidance.

Get Prepared

Incident management is much easier if you have all the details and information to hand. This is why it’s so important that you complete a risk assessment before any activity, as well as a trip form, a list of people travelling; their contact information, next of kin details and insurance details.

Report It

It is really important that any and all incidents and near misses are reported to LUU, regardless of whether someone was injured. This is not to apportion blame but so we can help you to resolve issues, handle insurance claims and ensure that problems are resolved in line with LUU policies and procedures.

Get In Touch

If an incident happens, get in touch with us as soon as you can, and contact us immediately if it is a serious incident or one in which you need advice or support with handling. You can email or pop into the office, for emergencies please call University Security on 0113 343 5495. You will also need to complete an incident report form either at the time or after shortly after the incident - for help in completing this or if you have any questions contact 

Incidents can include things like crashing a car or van, an injury to a member of your club or society, an issue during a club/society social, but can be very broad and hard to categorise so if in doubt, always check with the Activities Team.

If you have a near miss, it's also important that you report these so that we can learn from situations ans improve our processes. To report a near miss, complete this form.

Things to remember

  • Try to remain calm throughout, incidents can be stressful so it’s important to focus on making clear, rational decisions and not getting anxious or stressed
  • Don’t try to deal with an incident alone - get other committee members or experienced members to help out
  • Don’t apportion blame or worry to much about getting to the bottom of what happened. Deal with the incident, there’s time after to review it all and look at handling the outcome/aftermath
  • Wherever you are, ensure the person or organisation whose property you are on are aware of the incident
  • If the incident is serious and requires police, ambulance or other emergency services, call 999 asap
  • Report the incident to the Activities Team asap
  • If anyone is injured, make sure someone stays with them at all times throughout the incident. If they need to be hospitalised, make sure someone goes with them to the hospital and stays with them until the situation is resolved, or family/friends arrive
  • Don’t feel that you need to handle all elements of the situation. We can support you to deal with things such as contacting a members next of kin in the event of a serious incident
  • Make sure you stay in contact after the incident with any injured/affected person to ensure they are being supported effectively
  • You will be asked to complete a report following the incident, so take a record of the following:
  • The full names of the people handling the incident
  • A reliable contact number for the person/people leading on handling the incident
  • The full name of anyone injured or particularly affected
  • The group(s) involved in the incident
  • Date, time and place of the incident
  • Details of the incident

Sports Centre

If there is an incident at the Sports Centre whilst you're training, please report the incident to the Reception Staff who will notify the Duty Manager and a member of staff who is First Aid trained to assist your group.

For all those who train at an external venue, check what provisions are in place and consider First Aid training for members or your group investing in a first aid kit.

Vehicle Incident

All vehicle incidents involving hired vehicles from the Union, whether the vehicle is damaged or not must be reported to the Student Activities Admin Team as soon as possible following the incident.

For more information on motor insurance and handling vehicle incidents, see our transport section.