Appeals and Complaints


How long does the appeals process take?
A breakdown on how long the appeals process takes and the steps involved.
The Appeals Process: What You Need to Know
What you need to know on the appeals process and when you need to appeal.
How we can help you with academic appeals
Information on how we can help you with your appeal
I’m unhappy with my assessment results, what can I do?
Information on what to do if you are unhappy with an exam or assignment mark
I need help with my appeal
Information on who can support you through the appeals process.
Appealing a decision at University level: what you need to know
Advice on appealing a university level decision and how to go about it.
If I’m unhappy with my results, can I complain?
Information on how to appeal your results.
I’m not happy with the outcome of a complaint, can I challenge the decision?
If you have appealed made a complaint to any area of your University life and are unhappy with the outcome, here is advice on how you can escalate your complaint.
I’m going to be excluded from university can I appeal?
Information on how to appeal and exclusion and how we can help you.
Can I appeal academic misconduct decisions made in my School?
What to do if you'd like to appeal a decision or penalty made by your School.
Can I appeal my results?
If you are thinking about appealing, check out our advice here.
I’m unsatisfied with the University, can I complain?
Our guide on how to make a complaint to the University about anything from the services provided in accommodation, academic support or personal issues.
I’m not happy with how my tutor/a member of University staff/ a peer is treating me can I complain?
If you are unhappy with the way a member of staff or a student is treating you, we can help you to raise a complaint.