Are there any funding opportunities available for my club or society?

You can find all of the guidelines and application documents for the following funding opportunities on our 'Documents and Forms' page.

LUU Grant

This funding avenue is available for any club or society that isn’t receiving Leeds Sports Funding. There are 5 opportunities throughout the year for clubs and societies to put forward applications, please note that clubs need to have existed for a minimum of 12 months for this grant. If you have any questions about the new application form please contact 

Application deadlines:

  • 15 October
  • 19 November
  • 28 January
  • 4 March 
  • 13 May

Leeds Sports Funding

This is applicable to all of our Leeds Gryphons Clubs* that can contribute to travel, competition, coaching, venue hire, officials and necessary accommodation. Clubs that have access to Sports Funding are contacted at the start of the academic year.

*Leeds Gryphons status subject to availability, facility space and application process (to be introduced in 2019).

Speak to the sports clubs manager for more information on your clubs sports funding

New Activity Grant

For clubs that have just been created, or have existed for less than 12 months, you can apply for up to £250 to kick start your new club or society. Please email for an application form. 

Leeds for Life

This funding is headed by our University Alumni office of up to £500, which focuses on skills development and expanding horizons. Common funding applications include coaching and first aid courses, community projects and conferences. There are 2 deadlines per year, please get in touch with the University alumni office to enquire.

Footsteps Fund

Also headed by Leeds Alumni office, this funding is tailored towards one-off purchases (£800+) that have a legacy impact or sustainable future within a club or society. The purchases involved commonly software installations and upgrades, events (subject to review of how this achieves a legacy) and general equipment purchases. Please get in touch with the LUU finance office to send applications in the first instance.

Crowdfunding is a new crowdfunding platform, hosted by the University of Leeds. The platform is a fast, easy and incredibly rewarding way to get money for your clubs and societies, so you can see the benefits of your hard work. Projects which are suitable for this platform:

  • Funding a new piece of equipment for a sports team or society
  • Supporting performances and theatrical productions
  • Hiring equipment or specialists to increase skills and standards
  • Showcasing Leeds students through Competition entry
  • Helping Leeds students get out into the community

Contact if you’re interested or have an idea…