Attendance Monitoring


Do I have to attend all my lectures?
Advice on attending all your teaching hours and the consequences if you don't.
Why is my attendance monitored?
An explanation on why attendance is monitored and further links to the University's procedures.
I’ve got a letter about attendance problems, can you help?
If you've got a letter about poor attendance, we can help you out.
I can’t use bluetooth to check-in, what should I do?
What to do if your bluetooth check-in isn't working.
I want to complain about attendance monitoring, what should I do?
Advice on how to complain to the University about attendance monitoring.
I’m worried about lecture capture and attendance monitoring invading my privacy
Further information if you've got concerns about lecture capture and your privacy.
I'm having problems attending my lectures or classes
If you're having problems getting to your classes and lectures, here's our advice on what to do and how we can help.