Bookings, Events & Tickets


How do I book space or rooms for my societies?
It can be difficult to find the right space for your society.  To book spaces in the Union (e.g. meeting rooms, studios), you can log into the room booking system . This will tell you what is available and when. You can also speak to the Help ...
How do I put a ticket on my society's shop?
You can put tickets up on your society shop so people can purchase attendance to trips, socials, events or maybe even merchandise. To put a ticket up on your shop you need to fill out the  Request Form , someone from the Admin team will then pu...
I want to invite an external speaker; where do I start?
What you need to do if you want to invite an external speaker to campus on behalf of your club or society
I want to serve food at an event. What do I need to do?
What you need to do to serve food at your event