Can Enterprise deliver the hire vehicle to me?

Enterprise offers delivery of your vehicle to your door for as little as £5 and they pick it up afterwards. If you require the vehicle outside of office hours, the vehicle will be delivered the night before and you will be charged £12.50. Be advised you will only be insured for the times/dates on your booking, but you are liable for any damage that may take place from when it is delivered until collection. 

You must ensure someone is in the house to accept the vehicle and keys when delivered, as well as when the vehicle is collected after use. If you live in a flat, please provide the flat number on the booking so the correct residence is contacted to deliver the vehicle. 

You will undertake a vehicle walk around, highlighting fuel levels and any damage present before signing the hire agreement, agreeing to the terms and conditions; whether the vehicle is delivered to your house or you collect it from the depot. 

You should consider where you get the vehicle delivered. Will someone be in to accept the vehicle? Is there suitable parking outside the house or halls of residence?

As well as delivery Enterprise offers a return to University drop off free of charge, providing they are notified in advance. So if you have an early lecture or are due to return the vehicle to the depot rather than await collection, Enterprise can offer you a lift to Parkinson Steps. Please make this clear on your booking if your driver would like this option.