Can I get help paying my rent?

If you are a student entitled to benefits you can make a claim for Universal Credit which has an element to help with Housing costs (see FAQ: I have lost my job).

You can also apply to the Hardship Fund (See FAQ: What if I am not entitled to any benefits).

Landlords are being offered support to help tenants stay in their homes, including help with paying buy to let mortgages.

If your landlord gives you notice to leave due to not paying your rent you do not have to leave immediately.

The courts do not consider it mandatory grounds for eviction until the full rent (for everyone if you are on a joint tenant) is 8 weeks late. Landlords making a claim between March 26 and 30 September 2020 must give 3 months notice before a court will accept a claim.

If you are lodger, you have less protection, but the landlord must still give reasonable notice. Contact Help and Support for Advice.

If you have already applied to court the situation is not clear yet. Seek advice from Help and Support.

If your landlord tries to evict you without following this it is illegal. You can call the police if they attempt to use force.

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