Can my club or society get sponsored/can I sponsor one of your clubs and societies?

All our Clubs and Societies are encouraged to find group sponsorship to help them to develop and grow their activities and we have some great examples of groups who have strong, long term and mutually beneficial relationships with companies and organisations both local and national.

If you're a Club or Society looking to gain sponsorship, please get in touch with your Development and Engagement Coordinator. Keep them up to date with your potential sponsorships, as they can offer you support and ensure you're getting the best deal for you and your members. Please send any sponsorship contracts to your Development and Engagement Coordinator before signing. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a Club or Society, you can have a look at all our groups here and their contact details. If you have any general questions about sponsoring groups please contact us here.

Based on welfare and ethical concerns LUU has a duty of care to make sure we do not allow the following industries, companies, groups or products to advertise in LUU. The following companies are banned:

  • Tobacco or nicotine companies
  • Casinos and gambling companies/websites to include e.g. bingo and lottery
  • Housing agents and landlords that do not adhere to the code of standards supplied by Unipol (Advice to provide an updated regular list) and not charge fees
  • Companies promoting financial credit or money lending e.g. quick credit websites; payday loan companies, credit cards and private companies promoting student loans 
  • Arms companies  
  • Companies involved in the sex industry, including topless bars and online sex services
  • Companies that test on animals for non-medical purposes
  • Companies that want to promote medical testing
  • Jobs that are paid on a commission only basis
  • All essay proofreading, checking and writing services e.g. Studypool
  • Groups that fall out of line with our no platform policy

Clubs seeking alcohol manufacturer company (e.g. Smirnoff or Tetleys) sponsorship must discuss this with the Activities Officer first.

There is no blanket ban on commercial companies – including restaurants, bars, pubs and shops – except for when the company comprises the above categories.