Cash Office, Funding & Sponsorship


I applied for a grant but didn’t get it - what should I do now?
Speak to your category Rep. They will be able to help your understand why you were not funded and offer advice on grant applications. It is important to be very clear about exactly how you will spend the money and what you will spend it on.
How do I access my bank account?
To access your society bank account you will need to be a signatory.  Each group can have up to three committee members as signatories for their accounts. These are usually the President, Treasurer and Secretary but you can decide who is most ...
What is the LUU Cash Office?
Everything you need to know about your LUU account and the Cash Office
Can my club or society get sponsored/can I sponsor one of your clubs and societies?
Information about getting your club or society sponsored, or sponsoring a club or society