Covid-19 FAQs

The impact of Covid-19 has meant that we are doing things a little differently. Please see the answers to some of your questions during this time at the bottom of the page, as well as a glossary of some commonly used terms below, and we will update this section with more information as it comes.


Clubs & Societies

When we talk about ‘clubs & societies’ we mean those groups which are part of LUU, supported by the LUU Student Activities Team. These groups will have a committee, constitution, risk assessments, and be listed on the LUU website. As part of LUU our clubs & societies must adhere to our rules, even if other similar groups are doing things differently.


At LUU we group our clubs & societies into ‘categories’ based on the type of activity they undertake. At times the rules may be different for different categories or may be different for groups who are in the same category. This is because LUU has our own route for defining categories which does not necessarily align to government categorisation of activity when they create COVID-19 guidance.

Risk Assessments
LUU has a specific format and template for club & society risk assessments. When we mention ‘risk assessments’ we are referring to this document – even if as a group you have access to other risk assessments through an NGB or a venue, these aren’t the same as the LUU risk assessment we require every club & society to complete.


This means any meeting in person, including in groups of under 6, household groups, meetings in COVID-safe venues, and meetings which take place outdoors.


As a club or society, everything you do is an ‘activity’. This includes social events, meetings, training, rehearsals and trips.


A ‘social’ is any gathering of LUU club & society members which is arranged or promoted by the club or society, and which has any focus other than the specific objectives of the society (which are written into the constitution). If the objectives of the society are to hold social events (for example, culture and welfare societies often have this as an objective) then those events must still adhere to guidelines for socials as detailed in any LUU communications.

A ‘trip’ is any activity which involves travel by a number of people to a new location which is not the normal location of the club & society activity. This means that the group travelling to a regular training ground is not considered a trip, but travelling to an opposing team training ground would be considered a trip.

An ‘event’ is activity organised by a club or society which has a specific purpose and is not just a social gathering of the members.

An NGB is a ‘national governing body’. Many sports have NGBs who release their own specific guidance to support participants.

Education Exemption
Some activity is allowed at the University because they have an ‘education exemption’ under the national COVID-19 guidance. This exemption applies to activities which are educational in nature and provided through an education provider. LUU is not exempt under these terms, and therefore there may be some activities which the University can organise, but which LUU clubs & societies cannot.

LUU Members
People are considered ‘LUU Members’ if they have registered with LUU as part of their University registration, and if they are current students at the University of Leeds. There is no payment to be a member of LUU.

Club & Society Members
People are considered club & society members if they meet the terms of membership set out in the club or society constitution. This often includes signing up their contact details and payment of a membership fee.