Do I need a wristband for Freshers'?

In short, no. None of our Freshers' events require a wristband - we prefer to give you the option to pick and choose, whatever your thing is. Also, some of our Freshers' events have free entry anyway.

You'll see lots of websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts claiming you need to buy 'official' wristbands - some of these are fake sites designed to make you part with you cash or spam you. The wristbands they claim to offer are often for external events in the city - as they're not run by us, we can't verify them. There's no guarantee you'll even receive a wristband, or that it'll give you access to any events or offers.

Leeds is a great city we know you'll want to explore, but we suggest you resist buying unofficial Freshers' tickets or wristbands until you arrive, or make sure you know what you're buying before you part with your money.

All our official Freshers' events are listed here.

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