Does my club or society need to buy insurance?

All LUU Clubs and Societies are covered by the University’s public liability insurance for their regular activity - as long as we know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. If you don’t tell us about trips or activities you might not be covered so let us know what you have planned.

Public liability insurance will cover payouts due to damage caused to a person or their property by you or your club or society in the course of your activity. It does not cover things like damage to personal items, personal accident or travel and so if you require this either the members or club/society will need to purchase these - below is some information on these additional types of insurance.

Clubs/Societies who participate in ‘risky’ activities should be clear with members what is and isn’t covered. It is worth highlighting to members the types of insurance you can get and potentially suggest where they can get it from.

If you’ve got any questions or are planning on purchasing insurance for your Club or Society, get in touch with the Clubs and Societies Team.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - If you have a coach or instructor they will need this type of insurance. It protects them against claims for injuries or damage claimed against them through their instruction. For example, this could cover you if your coaching staff are found to have been negligent in some or all of the services that they provide. It will also cover legal costs.
  • Personal Accident Insurance - This can compensate for personal injury, loss of earnings (e.g. if you can’t go to work for a couple of weeks due to an injury) and/or personal belongings of the person, club or society that hold the policy.
  • Motor Insurance - Go to our Transport section for more.
  • Equipment/Contents Insurance - This applies to groups who borrow things - such as expensive clothing for the RAG Fashion Show. You’ll need to come into the Activities Office well in advance of the event/planned activity to get this in place, we will arrange it and the Club or Society will be invoiced for the cost of the cover.
  • Travel Insurance - Planning a club or society trip abroad? You’ll need to sort appropriate travel insurance in place, and don’t forget to get an EHIC (apply here).
  • Sports Clubs Affiliation - Most sports and activities have their own National Governing Body that can provide your club with support and also insurance. Check to see what cover you have available if you are already affiliated with an NGB, if you need cover and can’t get it through them come and speak to the Clubs and Societies Team.