Am I allowed time off work if I am ill?
Information about taking time off for sickness
Can I get sick pay from work?
Information on getting sick pay
What’s the maximum hours I should work a part-time job?
Advice on maximum working hours for students
Can I get a job at the Union?
Information about working for LUU
Can I get a job at the University?
Information on working for the University
Can I get maternity, paternity or adoption pay from my job?
Information on maternity, paternity and adoption pay
Do I get holiday pay at work?
Information about holiday pay at work
Do I need a National Insurance number to work?
Information about National Insurance and working in the UK
How do I get my National Insurance number?
Information about getting your National Insurance Number
How do I open a bank account?
Information on opening a bank account in the UK
How do I sign up to Joblink?
Information about how to sign up to Joblink
I don’t understand my payslip
Information about your payslip
Where can I look for part-time jobs or vacation work?
Information on where to find a job whilst studying at university
What do I need to work in the UK?
Information on working in the UK
I think I’ve been overcharged tax what should I do?
What to do if you think you've paid too much tax
I need one-off work where can I find it?
Where to find one off shift work
I’m a Postgrad Research student can I find a job alongside my studies?
Information about working as a postgraduate research student
I’m a Postgrad Taught student can I find a job alongside my studies?
Information on working as a Postgraduate student
Why am I paying tax?
Information on paying tax