House Hunting


Deposits: what you need to know.
Information on deposits, what they are and when you should pay.
What is the average rent for Leeds?
Info on the rent prices in Leeds and where to get the best deals.
When should I start house hunting?
Advice on when to start house hunting and what to decide before you start.
What is Joint Liability?
Explaining what joint liability is and what this means to you.
Will all the best houses go first?
Lots of people are worried about this, but here is our advice for house hunting.
What is the difference between a landlord and an agent?
Article describes the difference between a landlord and an agent and provides information on each of their roles and responsibilities.
I'm studying aboard how will I be able to find a house?
Help and advice on how to house hunt if you are on study abroad.
How do I find suitable disabled accommodation?
If you're looking for disabled accommodation we've got advice on where to start your search.
How do I find family accommodation?
Here's our advice on the best places to look for family accommodation.
Should I pay anything before I sign?
Advice on what to do if a landlord or agent charges you a holding or admin fee before you have signed your contract.
I can't get a guarantor, what can I do?
Advice on what to do if you can't get a guarantor
How do I find temporary accommodation?
If you are in need of temporary accommodation, have a look at our suggestions on where to start your search.
I'm moving to Leeds, how do I find somewhere to live?
If you are starting your house hunting, here are some great places to start your search.
Can I find people to share accommodation with?
If you are looking for new flatmates and shared accommodation, we've got some great places to start your search.
Who is a good landlord?
There are plenty of good landlords in Leeds, here's our tips on how to find them.
What are the best areas for students to live in Leeds?
Starting your house hunt off and wondering where to live in Leeds? Check out our advice.
Where are the safe places to live?
Advice on how to check to see if a house you like is secure and safe.
Can I get my contract checked?
If you think you've found a house you want to sign for, make sure you get it checked for free by us first.
What is a guarantor?
Information and advice on guarantors if your housing contract asks for one.
How much is my house going to cost me?
This article lets you know all the bills and costs you may be paying for when renting.
Who should I live with?
Some information on making a decision on who to live with.