House Repairs and Problems


How do I find a replacement housemate?
Information on how to find a replacement housemate, what to do when you have one and what to do if you can't find one.
I'm worried repairs in my house are impacting my health and safety
What to do if you think your home is unsafe or unhealthy and your landlord is not carrying out repairs.
I can't pay my rent, what can I do?
Advice if you are struggling or can't afford your rent.
My wheelie bin isn't getting emptied what can I do?
This article gives advice on what to do if your wheelie bin has been missed or not collected by the council.
I have problems in my university accommodation how can I get help?
Advice on how to make a complaint or request if you are unhappy in student halls.
I have a meeting with my Warden about disciplinary action, can I get support?
Advice if you have received a letter requesting a meeting about disciplinary action against you. This article explains what will happen if you are asked to this meeting and what support is available.
Can I get compensation if my landlord hasn't done repairs?
This article details what could qualify you to get compensation from your landlord if they have not carried out repairs.
How long should I wait for a repair to be done?
This article explains the expected length of time different repairs should be carried out by.
I think I have mice and/or rats in my house, what can I do?
Advice on what to do if your rented house has rats.
What repairs does my landlord have to do?
This article talks you through what repairs your landlord/letting agent is responsible for fixing.
I have a problem with my house and my landlord isn't helping what can I do?
Advice on what to do if your landlord is not carrying out repair work or fixing a problem and how to complain.
I don't feel safe in my house what can I do?
This article identifies why you don't feel safe in your house and gives suggestions on how you can ease this feeling.
If my housemate owes rent am I responsible?
Advice on what to do if your housemate owes money for the rent.
Can I leave my housing contract early?
Advice if you want to leave your housing contract early and if this will cost you in rent or deposit.
What can my landlord deduct money for from my deposit?
Information on what your landlord can deduct money from your deposit for and advice if they are taking money that they should not be.
I’m studying abroad and have problems where I live - can I get any help?
If you are studying abroad and have problems in your accommodation, we can still help you out.
My heating/hot water isn't working what should I do?
If you are having heating or hot water problems, here's advice on how to request a repair from your landlord or how to escalate the problem if they are not helping to fix it.
My washing machine doesn't work, how do I get the landlord to fix it?
Advice on how to report a broken washing machine or another appliance to your landlord and what to do if they are not helping to solve the problem.
My property is uninhabitable, can I move out?
Advice on what to do if you think your rented accommodation is unfit to live in and how to avoid having to pay rent if you move out.
I don't feel my house is secure what can I do?
If you don't think your house is secure from burglars here is some advice on what to do.
I’ve been burgled can I move out?
You may want to move out if you have been a victim of crime, but it's always best to read up on advice first.
I'm having problems getting my deposit back
If your landlord or the Uni is withholding some or all of your deposit, we've got some tips on how to help you get it back.
What if my deposit is not protected?
What to do if you find your deposit is not protected.
What happens if I sign a housing contract and change my mind?
If you have signed a contract for a house but changed your mind on living there, have a read of our advice to see what your next steps are.
My house has damp - what should I do?
If you think your house may have damp, here are our tips to stop it happening.
What happens if I can't find a replacement tenant?
If you need to find a replacement housemate but you are unable to, have a read of our advice.
I'm concerned about my electricals
Information on electrical safety and warning signs to spot unsafe electrics.
What happens if my replacement tenant doesn’t pay the rent?
Advice if your replacement tenant is not paying the rent.
What happens if the landlord and/or housemates refuse my replacement tenant?
Advice on what to do if your landlord won't accept your replacement tenant.
What happens if my deposit has been unprotected?
Advice on what to do if your deposit has been unprotected for any reason.
How do I claim compensation from my landlord?
Advice on trying to complain compensation back from your landlord.
I've got a problem with my utility bill
Advice on what to do if your utility bills are too high or you have a problem with them.
I'm having an issue with my housemate, what do I do?
Information on what to do and where to get support if you are having problems with someone you're living with.