I'm a sex worker, how can I report sexual abuse or exploitation?

You have a right to work without being assaulted, harassed or abused - regardless of the work that you are doing.  You can speak to LUU Advice if you have experienced sexual assault or exploitation and we can talk through your options and support you in the decisions you make.

We could arrange for you to have an informal chat with the Campus Police Officer in an environment you are comfortable in.  They can talk through what would happen if you decided to press charges or make a report - but there will be no pressure on you to take further action if you choose not to.

We can also help you to submit mitigating circumstances if your studies have been impacted by experiences you have had whilst working.  

You can also use the University’s online reporting form to report instances of sexual harassment or assault. This can be anonymous or you can ask for further action to be taken if you know the person and they are a student or member of staff at the University.

Being threatened or coerced into taking part in sex work is sexual exploitation. Beyond the Streets is a charity working to end sexual exploitation and can support you if you are thinking about leaving sex work.