How do I fill out a risk assessment?

Risk assessments can be confusing, but they don't need to be.

The important thing is tailoring your assessment for the situation - e.g. thinking of all risks associated with going abroad if you are going on a trip. 

The risks will depend on the activity. If you are going on a social to a bar, you could think of risks such as 'drink spills', 'over-intoxication' and 'unsafe behaviours or attitudes.'

If you are going abroad, losing passports or luggage, getting lost or travel problems could all be risks you encounter. 

After identifying the risks, you need to state how you will manage them and who is affected. Think about who is attending the event, and who will be affected by each risk. Is it just the committee, is it just those attending, is it the public? Maybe it's all three! 

As for control measures, a standard risk is fire and you can manage this by being aware of the emergency procedure and exits, and knowing the number of a Duty Manager if you are in the Union building. Another risk could be pre-existing medical conditions. If you are going on a trip, you should identify people with medical conditions on the Traveller Information Sheet (available here). You can then reflect the risk of medical problems on your risk assessment, and you could manage these by having emergency contacts, awareness of symptoms, access to any equipment (like an EpiPen) and knowledge of how to administer any aid. Allergies are common, so avoiding certain foods and staying in groups are good control measures. 

For committees, when you complete your compulsory committee training you will be taken through risk assessments. You can find the training here. You need to watch the video to learn how to log in, but if you have any problems let Activities know.