I am not coming back to Leeds, how can I get my belongings back from my property?

If you are unable to return to Leeds you will need to get in touch with your landlord to let them know.  You can arrange for your possessions to be packed and sent to your home address.  If you don’t have anyone in Leeds who can arrange this for you (friends/family) you can use an international company who will make the necessary arrangements.  There are costs involved so you need to check how much the service will be and you will have to arrange with your landlord a suitable time when they can let the company access the property.  You will need to ensure that your belongings are removed by the end of your tenancy agreement or the landlord may charge you rent/storage costs.  Here are links to three companies who can offer a packing and shipping service.

If you need any financial support for covering the cost, contact LUU Advice to see if you can apply to the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund.