I have to self-isolate but I have to move out of my house, what do I do?

If you have been informed that you need to self-isolate, you should remain in your current property in alignment with government guidance. 

As soon as possible, you should inform your landlord and letting agent of your self-isolation and let them know how many additional days you are required to remain in the property. It may be useful to also include any evidence of your self-isolation such as your notification from Track and Trace or PCR test positive result.

For further guidance, please see the article from Unipol.

You would be liable for the rent for any additional days you remain in the property as the landlord could be at a financial loss where new tenants cannot move in. If you are concerned about the costs of this and what the landlord is able to charge for, please see our related articles below. 

If your landlord is not being reasonable, please do get in touch so that we can offer you further advice.