I want to book transport for a trip abroad, what do I do?

Please see our trip section for more information on trips.

Leeds Commercial is the only hire company that allows us to take vehicles on to mainland Europe. If you wish to book transport to go to mainland Europe, please make this clear on your booking form. We need a minimum of three weeks notice, as they hire company need to make arrangements for 5*AA breakdown cover for the international trip. 

For 9 Seat MPVs you can only have 8 people on board, this would be the driver and 7 passengers only. The reason for this is there is a significant increase in cost for the hire and insurance, so ensure only 8 people are on board. 

You can have two drivers per vehicle on mainland Europe for the insurance to be attached to. Please ensure the drivers are registered with the Union and you confirm their full name and date of birth for the paperwork to be processed. Certain countries will require a translation of your drivers licence, Italy for example, so consider the requirements of each country you enter. Ensure your drivers feel comfortable driving in another country on the other side of the road and also the size of the vehicle. 

You need the following details of each person on the trip and submit this to the Union: 

• Passport 

• Insurance 

• EHIC (where applicable) 

• Visa (where applicable)