I would like to organise Transport

Please read our detailed and helpful How-to guide:


We have made several changes to the transport is booked. We hope to streamline the process for yourselves making it easier to book your transport options, staying safe and understanding everything expected of you. Please do not use any old forms. As with everything, you must ensure your plans are Covid-secure and compliant with our Safe Operating Procedures and your Risk Assessment. 

Once you have read our guide, please fill out the following form to book your transport option, sign up as an authorised driver and/or express interest in a MiDAS qualification. Please give plenty of time ahead of your booking. 


Everything you'll find out about in our How-to guide

Introduction to transport at LUU  

How to get started

Transport booking form

How to pay for your transport - terms and conditions

Motor Insurance 

Authorised Drivers

  • How to obtain a DVLA code
  • Fines, points or changes to your licence

  • Next steps

  • Pre - 1998 licences and international licences

  • Registering your own car

  • MiDAS Qualification

    • What is it and am I eligible?

    • Why do I need it?

    • How to apply

    • Theory test

    • Practical test

    • Resits

    • Cost

  • Vehicle hire / getting a quote

    • How to book / request a quote

    • Hire companies

    • Hire company address and emergency contact numbers

    • What you need to take

    • Vehicle delivery, collection and returns

    • Amending a booking

    • Cancelling a booking

    • Checking the vehicle

    • What to do if you breakdown

    • What to do if you have an accident

  • Coach hire / getting a quote

    • How to book / request a quote

    • Vehicle sizes and amenities

    • Pick-up/drop off

    • Destination

    • Timings and things to take into account

    • Sharing coaches

    • Behaviour

    • Costs

    • External companies

If you need any help, not sure on something or have a question please email activities@luu.org.ukv and we'll be happy to help.