I would like to organise a Trip

Great news! You can now go on a trip with your society (except for international travel). Although Leeds has loads to offer, we recognise that there is more out there than just campus life. We recognise that after a year of no-trips, you may not be sure how to book one or the requirements expected of you and your members. We have reviewed our processes, streamlined them and written this new guide.

What is a trip?

A trip constitutes an outing outside of Leeds city/campus or an overnight stay. A domestic day trip, for instance, would be a visit to a castle in another location in the UK where the visit is completed in one day. A domestic overnight trip would be the same, but with an overnight stay - perhaps visiting a castle and then staying overnight so that more sightseeing can be done the next day.

An international trip is one that takes place outside of the UK. Some groups use specific tour companies to help plan their international trip, e.g. I Love Tour. International trips often include an overnight stay. Due to Covid-19 regulations, society/club travel outside the UK is not currently permitted. 

For all trips, insurance is recommended. LUU does not offer travel insurance to it’s groups, only Public Liability insurance.

Initial notes

  • You must inform us and use the described process for any trips. Please give this plenty of time to organise - due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are a few necessary steps to take to ensure we're all keeping safe.

  • If staying overnight in holiday accommodation, this must only be in groups of up to 6. You will be required as part of the process to risk assess your stay. 

  • All attendees of a trip must have a negative Covid-19 test that was taken within the previous 48 hours.

How to book and organise a trip

1) Please read the following guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j17DHCaqCyl9q6sMAC5NFmiLPb-6YvGQO75BODuguLc/edit#

2) Questions? Email your Development and Engagement Coordinator

3) Fill out this form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScc3c8FoMZ10ILVt2KPI6BpLresiOycPsJv9l5lBVpRl79ZYA/viewform

Everything you'll find out about in our How-to guide

  • Introduction

  • How to get started

    • STEP 1: Complete a trip form

    • STEP 2: Complete a trip risk assessment

    • STEP 3: Create a trips event on the LUU website (if selling tickets)

    • STEP 4: Send your attendee list

    • STEP 5: Planning and checking your trip details

    • STEP 6: LUU emergency contact details

  • Wednesday BUCS

  • Types of trips

    • Different types of trip

    • Tour operated trips

    • Self-organised trips

    • International trips

  • Transport

  • LUU  travel checklist