I'm an external student how do I take my exams?

You are only required to attend university for assessments and exams and are not given a student card. Sometimes access to the library and computer facilities can be arranged, just speak to your School. 

You will need a student card to do your exams, so speak to your School about getting one if your exams are coming up.

You need to register as an external student by the deadline published here.  If you don’t register by this deadline the University will presume you’ve withdrawn from your course.

To take your exams there will be a cost, as with regular resits, they are £2 per credit plus a £50 administration fee, unless the resit is a ‘first attempt’. 

You have to register before the deadline listed here. If you miss the deadline you will be charged a £100 administration fee, even if the resit is a ‘first attempt’.