I’m in an abusive relationship, is there any help?

Yes. If you think you’re being treated badly, or someone like a partner, ex-partner, a family member or friend, is hurting you physically, emotionally or controlling you in any way, there is lots of confidential help both on and off campus.  

Somebody of any gender can be in an abusive relationship.

Sometimes it might not feel right but you don’t feel it fits what you know about domestic violence.  For the signs that your relationship may be abusive, VictimSupport.org.uk has a page here.

If you feel you’d like to talk to someone in confidence, call into LUU Advice. It’s your conversation, so whether you just need advice or further action, it’s up to you. We will not make you report it to the police or tell the University if you don’t want to, and we can also lend a hand in finding you new accommodation if you need to move out urgently, getting financial support and dealing with the Uni.  

You can also talk in confidence to the University Counselling Service.

Here are some useful websites that may also help:

If you’re worried about a friend who you think may be in a harmful or abusive relationship, we can help you to help them; just drop in for a chat.

If you're worried that somebody might be looking at your browser history, there is a guide here for deleting some or all of your browser history.

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