Living in your house


When do I take my bin out?
Article explains how to find which day you take your bin out
Can I be charged more when I have an all inclusive deal?
Information on the charges of all inclusive deals.
How can I find out who supplied my gas, water or electricity?
Find out who your energy supplier is.
Can I change my gas or electricity supplier?
What to do if you are looking to change energy supplier.
Do I need contents insurance?
Advice on checking you're covered for contents insurance, and where to get it if you aren't.
Has my landlord signed a code of standards?
This article let's you know how to check if your landlord or letting agent has signed up to a code of standards.
How can I rate my landlord?
Information on where you can Rate Your Landlord on our peer review site.
What does my code of standards landlord have to do?
Information on what a code of standards landlord has to do.
Can I fit a lock to my door?
Advice on if you are allowed to fit a lock to your door and how you can request it from your landlord.
What am I responsible for when renting?
You are living in your own place now - how exciting. Here are the things you will have to be responsible for in your place.
What type of house contract do I have?
All you need to know to find out what type of housing contract you have and what this means for you living in your place.
Fire Safety What You Need to Know
Advice on what to look out for to make sure your place is safe from fires.
How much will I have to pay for bills?
Information on how much bills could cost when you are renting and advice on finding the best deals.
If my housemate owes money am I responsible?
Help and advice if your housemate owes money.