Mitigating Circumstances


I have failed my exam because of a personal problem, what can I do?
If you failed any of your assessments due to health or personal problems, speak to your School because you might be able to get Mitigating Circumstances.   If your School agrees that your problems have affected your work, then one of the follo...
What are Mitigating Circumstances?
Description of what mitigating circumstances are, examples of what they could be and advise on the next steps if you have experienced them.
How do I apply for mitigating circumstances?
A run down on how to apply for mitigating circumstances.
Can I get mitigating circumstances for an exam?
Advice on what to do if your exam has gone wrong and whether or not you can get mitigating circumstances.
Am I too late to apply for mitigating circumstances?
Information on the deadlines for mitigating circumstances and what to do if you think you've left it too late.
What happens after I’ve applied for Mitigating Circumstances?
If you have applied for mitigating circumstances, this is information on the next stages of the process and what the outcomes may be.
I’ve applied for Mitigating Circumstances but not heard anything back
What to do if you are still waiting on a mitigating circumstances application.
I have mitigating circumstances, do I have to tell my school the specific problem?
Advice on what to do if you feel uncomfortable disclosing your mitigating circumstances with your School.
I have been affected by the strikes, how do I apply for mitigating circumstances?
Information on the criteria for applying for mitigating circumstances in light of the recent industrial action
I have a disability, can I apply for mitigating circumstances?
More information about mitigating circumstances for disabled students