Money and Finance


My parents are from an affected area and are unable to send me financial support. What can I do?
Find out how you can get financial help if you have stopped receiving support from parents or carers
I have lost my job due to Coronavirus, what can I do?
Help on getting financial support if you have lost your job during the pandemic.
Can I still be paid if there is no work for me?
Help and advice on getting paid if your employer has no work available.
What happens if I am too ill to work, or self-isolating, or caring for someone with Covid-19?
Financial help if you are too ill to work, are self-isolating or caring for somebody during the pandemic.
What if I am not entitled to any other benefits?
Advice if you are not entitled to other benefits and need help during the coronavirus pandemic.
What happens to my student finance if I become ill, or have to care for a family member?
Advice on what will happen to your student finance payments if you become ill or have to care for an ill family member.
What will happen to postgraduate funding?
Advice on Postgraduate/PG funding during the COVID-19 pandemic.
What financial help can I get from the University or Student Union?
Help on getting financial support from the University and/or the students' union during the COVID-19 pandemic.