My vehicle is damaged, what do I do?

If a vehicle is damaged in your possession, it is crucial that you take pictures and/or videos - especially if it was not your fault or was there before the start of your hire. If there is something wrong with your vehicle (e.g. something faulty) then it is really important to take pictures and/or videos and tell the hire company. 

If you fail to evidence any damage, your society may have to pay to cover the costs.

Should there be damage to the vehicle on hire, it is your responsibility to notify the hire company and Union, especially if a third party is involved, so we can follow up with the insurers. For any incidents where there has been a collision with a third party vehicle, do not admit liability for the incident. Ensure you gain the following information form the third party driver: 

• Name of Driver 

• Date/Time of Incident 

• Location of Incident 

• Insurance Provider + Policy Number (third party) 

• Contact Details (email/phone) 

• Number and Names of passengers on board (on board both vehicles) 

• Make, Model, Registration (both vehicle) 

• Damage (description + photos- both vehicles)