New Articles

  1. Help and Guidance on Brexit

    Help and guidance on Brexit and what LUU and the University are doing to help.
  2. Transcripts: what you need to know

    Information about transcripts: what they are and where to get one
  3. Who should I live with?

    Some information on making a decision on who to live with.
  4. Will I get into trouble for taking drugs?

    Information on what to do if you are caught taking drugs by the University.
  5. I'm worried about my friend's drug use, what can I do?

    Advice on what to do and where to get support if you are worried about a friend's drug use
  6. How taking drugs can impact you.

    Information about the impact on drugs and where to get support
  7. What is online bullying and where can I get support?

    Information on online bullying and where to get support
  8. I'm having an issue with my housemate, what do I do?

    Information on what to do and where to get support if you are having problems with someone you're living with.
  9. Who can I rent from?

    There are lots of landlords in Leeds to choose from - here are a few trusted landlords to help you get started: Unipol - a housing charity that gives help to students renting privately, as well as providing direct housing to students in Leeds. ...
  10. Who can give me advice on renting in Leeds?

    Who to get in touch with if you need help with housing in Leeds.