New Articles

  1. I'm a disabled student, how much student finance can I get?

    There is additional financial support available but this will depend on your circumstances and what additional costs you may have that are linked to your disability.
  2. I'm a parent, how much student finance can I get?

    There is a range of financial support that you could be eligible for; how much you receive will depend on your circumstances.
  3. I’m a part-time student, how much Student Finance can I get?

    Information on finance options for part-time students.
  4. Are there any grants, bursaries, or scholarships I could get?

    The University has bursaries and scholarships available, and each has their own eligibility criteria.
  5. I haven’t got my Student Finance

    Help and advice if you've not yet received your student loan.
  6. Can I get a maintenance grant?

    Information on what maintenance grants have been replaced with.
  7. Can I get a maintenance loan?

    Find out if you are eligible to get a maintenance loan to cover living costs.
  8. Am I entitled to a tuition fee loan?

    Guidance on whether you're eligible for a tuition fee loan for university study.
  9. I have an eating disorder, is there any help?

    Help and advice if you think you may have an eating disorder.
  10. I’m feeling pressured into drinking and/or taking drugs, what can I do?

    Help and advice if you feel you are being pressured into drinking or taking drugs.