New Articles

  1. Term 1 2020 Guidance

    We have been hard at work creating this guidance for you, so please make sure you give it a good read through to learn about how Term 1 is expected to go ahead. Please be aware that this could be subject to any changes in government guidelines. If y...
  2. Starting or Joining a Club or Society

    Do you want to join one of our amazing clubs or societies? Or maybe you have an idea for a great society?
  3. Incident Reporting, Risk Assessment & Insurance

    To manage the risks of your society you must follow your club or society risk assessment. It’s important to know how to report an incident if one occurs and what insurance you’re covered by.
  4. Give It A Go (GIAG)

    Our Give It A Go (GIAG) programme is all about trying new things. Your society can receive funding to hold an event that shows off your society in the best way possible.
  5. Bookings, Events & Tickets

    If you want to hold an event, book a space or put a ticket up on your society shop for your members - look no further.
  6. Cash Office, Funding & Sponsorship

    Everything you need to manage your club or society finances.
  7. Leeds Gryphons Clubs

    Are you part of a Gryphon sports club here at LUU? Then this section is for you.
  8. AGM/EGM

    Every year you will need to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is to elect a new committee for the coming year.
  9. Covid-19 FAQs

    Please see the answers to some of your questions during this time here, and we will update this section with more information as it comes.
  10. Transport

    Need to get somewhere? We can help with that. Whether you need a car or a coach, all you need to do is fill out the relevant form and we will be able to book the transport for you.