New Articles

  1. I’m a sex worker, what support is available to me?

    LUU can tailor the support to what you need, providing a confidential and non-judgemental space for you to have a chat.   We can help with any academic concerns you have, including help to submit mitigating circumstances. We can also help iden...
  2. Will my deadlines be extended?

    Possibly - this is something to ask your School.
  3. I’m on a Tier 4 visa how will the strikes affect me?

    Information about attendance.
  4. What will happen on strike days?

    Guidance about who to contact and what to do.
  5. Should I do an online or in-person election?

    Both online and in-person elections have advantages. Elections done in person can be tied to a social event in order to encourage attendance. This can make the election a fun and interactive event, but minutes must be taken and the committee is...
  6. Can I claim compensation because my teaching was affected by the strikes?

    More information about claiming against the university.
  7. What happens after an AGM/EGM?

    Send meeting minutes to the Activities Team ( ). If you did an in-person election, you should also send a list of people who attended the AGM/EGM so we can check that everyone who voted is a member. The minutes should say e...
  8. How does the AGM/EGM work?

    President (ie. club captain/station manager etc.) usually chairs the meeting, conducting, guiding the direction of the meeting. In charge of informing members of any rules, setting an agenda and guiding the direction of the meeting.  Secretar...
  9. How do I take minutes at an AGM/EGM?

    Include the date, timings of events, main points discussed, attendance and who voted (how many votes for each candidate), and any other business discussed. Sample order of events: Date/Times & Location (optional), List of attendees, President&...
  10. I want to make a change to the Constitution, how do I do this?

    Any changes or additions that you would like to be made to your society’s constitution can be done at the AGM/EGM. The committee can process these like a general vote with society members (kind of like a committee election, release the idea ...