New Articles

  1. I have a disability, can I apply for mitigating circumstances?

    More information about mitigating circumstances for disabled students
  2. How do we operate safely?

    You can read our document on safe operation here: ...
  3. What are the roadmap stages?

    Great news! We are reaching the next stage of the roadmap. From the 17th of May you can with your society: Attend an outdoor venue (pub/restaurant/coffee) within the rule of 30 + social distancing Attend the park/public outdoor space within the r...
  4. What are the next steps for in person activity?

    Please read this document for more information on returning to in-person activity: ...
  5. How do I apply for Disabled Students Allowances’?

    How to apply for additional funding for support for your disability
  6. I am a disabled student and I am having problems with my support, what can I do?

    What to do if you think your support may not be in place
  7. I have dyslexia, where can I get a diagnostic assessment?

    How to get evidence to receive support for specific learning difficulties
  8. I am a disabled student, what support can I get?

    Information on the support available to disabled students
  9. Can LUU provide any financial support?

    LUU has set up an Emergency Financial Assistance Fund to offer short term support for students who are in immediate financial difficulty. To be eligible, you must be a current registered student at the University and be able to show that you are una...
  10. What support is available for me in 2021?

    Happy new year! 2021 is here and many of you will be entering into the second term of the academic year. Just like 2020, this new year brings many uncertainties and questions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact upon your studies, lifes...