New Articles

  1. An incident has happened involving my club or society, what do I do next?

    What to do if your club or society is involved in an incident
  2. I want to serve food at an event. What do I need to do?

    What you need to do to serve food at your event
  3. I want to invite an external speaker; where do I start?

    What you need to do if you want to invite an external speaker to campus on behalf of your club or society
  4. How is discipline handled for sports clubs?

    Get more information about how club discipline is organised
  5. What training and Support is available for Leeds Sport clubs?

    Find out about the different training and support available to Leeds Sport clubs
  6. Can Leeds Sport help with my club's marketing?

    Find out how Leeds Sport can help your club with marketing
  7. What events can Leeds Sport clubs participate in?

    Learn about the different events that Leeds' clubs can get involved with.
  8. How do I book the University's sports facilities?

    Find out how to book the University's sports facilities.
  9. What is BUCS?

    Find out more about BUCS (British University and College Sport
  10. Can my club use a coach or instructor?

    Find out what steps you have to take before using a coach or instructor in your club.