New Articles

  1. How do I book the University's sports facilities?

    Find out how to book the University's sports facilities.
  2. What is BUCS?

    Find out more about BUCS (British University and College Sport
  3. Can my club use a coach or instructor?

    Find out what steps you have to take before using a coach or instructor in your club.
  4. What documents does my sports club need to be affiliated?

    Find out what documents your sports club needs to be affiliated with Leeds Sport,
  5. How do I arrange/source kit for my sports club?

    Find out how to go about getting your sports club kitted out by our suppliers
  6. What is Leeds Sport?

    Find out more about the Leeds Sport partnership.
  7. What is Contract Cheating?

    Will from the Help & Support Team explains what Contract Cheating is.
  8. I'm not safe at home during the pandemic, what help can I get?

    Advice and further help if you're not safe during isolation.
  9. Should I still see my GP during the pandemic?

    Advice on visiting your doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. I have a housing contract for the Summer but am not coming back to Leeds, do I still have to pay the rent?

    Guidance on whether you will be liable for rent if you are not returning to Leeds.