Popular Articles

  1. I'm feeling low

    Information and advice if you are feeling low or worried about your mental health.
  2. Can I get my contract checked?

    If you think you've found a house you want to sign for, make sure you get it checked for free by us first.
  3. What happens if I’m accused of cheating?

    What you need to know if you are accused of cheating, and how LUU can help.
  4. What happens if the landlord and/or housemates refuse my replacement tenant?

    Advice on what to do if your landlord won't accept your replacement tenant.
  5. Can I get financial help whilst I’m pregnant or if I've had a baby?

    The amount of financial support you can get while you’re pregnant and after you’ve had a baby will depend on your personal circumstances, what stage in the academic year it is, and how much time
  6. What is plagiarism?

    The University's Definition of Plagiarism and how to avoid it in your work.
  7. How do I report a Hate Crime?

    Information on how to report a hate crime and where to receive support
  8. I need help with my appeal

    Information on who can support you through the appeals process.
  9. I've got no money, what should I do?

    Advice on what to do if you're in financial hardship
  10. How do I find a replacement housemate?

    Information on how to find a replacement housemate, what to do when you have one and what to do if you can't find one.