Popular Articles

  1. What happens if the landlord and/or housemates refuse my replacement tenant?

    Advice on what to do if your landlord won't accept your replacement tenant.
  2. What is plagiarism?

    The University's Definition of Plagiarism and how to avoid it in your work.
  3. I need help with my appeal

    Information on who can support you through the appeals process.
  4. How long does the appeals process take?

    A breakdown on how long the appeals process takes and the steps involved.
  5. What help is there for estranged students?

    This is a practical guide with information and advice for students who are estranged from their parents.
  6. I'm moving to Leeds, how do I find somewhere to live?

    If you are starting your house hunting, here are some great places to start your search.
  7. How do I apply for mitigating circumstances?

    A run down on how to apply for mitigating circumstances.
  8. Starting or Joining a Club or Society

    Do you want to join one of our amazing clubs or societies? Or maybe you have an idea for a great society?
  9. When should I start house hunting?

    Advice on when to start house hunting and what to decide before you start.
  10. Can I leave my housing contract early?

    Advice if you want to leave your housing contract early and if this will cost you in rent or deposit.