What if I fail my resit?
The number of resit attempts you have depends on when you started your course. Information about this can be found here . If you fail a resit in August, you'll need to check whether or not this module is compulsory. If you've failed a comp...
I've been offered a resit, do I have to take it?
Advice on what to do if you have been offered a resit and whether to take it or not.
Do I have to pay for a resit?
You will have to pay for resits and they cost £2 per credit as well as an administration fee of £50.   You must register to resit an assessment by the deadline, which is published here . If you miss the deadline you’ll have ...
How many times can I resit my assessment?
Information on how many times you can resit an assessment.
Can I resit my assessment?
Information on if you can re-sit your assessments.
What happens if mitigating circumstances affected my resit?
If mitigating circumstances have affected your resit attempt, we've got the low down on what to do.