Student Finance loans

Information on tuition fee loans and maintenance loans


Am I entitled to a tuition fee loan?
Guidance on whether you're eligible for a tuition fee loan for university study.
Can I get a maintenance loan?
Find out if you are eligible to get a maintenance loan to cover living costs
I’m a part-time student, how much Student Finance can I get?
Information on finance options for part-time students.
Can I get a maintenance grant?
Information on what maintenance grants have been replaced with.
I haven’t got my Student Finance
Help and advice if you've not yet received your student loan.
How much Student Finance can I get?
Information on extra support available for students who are disabled, parents, pregnant or have dependants.
I’m a research student, how will the strike affect my finances?
All the information you need to know about finances when it comes to the UCU strike.
How do I apply for Disabled Students Allowances’?
How to apply for additional funding for support for your disability