Transcripts: what you need to know

 What is a transcript?

An academic transcript is an official document from the University, which has details of your academic record of your time at Leeds. It has information about the modules you studied, the number of credits associated with each module (for modular programmes of study), and the marks that you achieved for each one. It also includes a record of whether you did a year in industry or spent some time studying abroad, your course start and end dates, date of award and classification (if you have graduated).  

Who might ask for your academic transcript?

When applying for jobs, internships and other courses beyond undergraduate degrees, employers and other Universities could ask for your academic transcript as part of the application process.

Not all employers will ask for a transcript and it depends upon each organisation whether or not they require your academic transcript. 

Where can you get a transcript?

If you are a current student you can get a paper copy of your transcript from Student Services counter located on level 9 the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building on campus and this is free of charge.

As a current or former student you can also get a copy of your transcript online on your Leeds for Life account. You can login using your University of Leeds email address and password, once logged on, towards the left-hand side of the page there is a link titled ‘Academic Summary/HEAR’ which will take you to a page where you can view your transcript as well as download it.

If you are a former student and would like a paper copy of your transcript you can apply online to get this delivered to you. Please note that there will be a charge for this, and this charge can vary depending on the date your course started. You can find out more and order your transcript here.

If you have any more questions about academic transcripts, you can contact LUU Advice on 0113 3801 420, email us, or come into see us in the Union building.