Updated Articles

  1. How do I get home safely?

    Information and advice on how to get home safely in Leeds.
  2. Does LUU provide insurance for my trip?

    The only insurance LUU offers is Public Liability insurance. This means that we can protect societies if something happens during the course of their activity - for instance, if Hockey were playing a game and someone was injured, our insurance would...
  3. I am not returning to my accommodation in Leeds, how can I get my possessions back from my property in University Accommodation?

    Guidance on collecting possessions from accommodation for those not returning to Leeds.
  4. What support is available for me in 2021?

    Happy new year! 2021 is here and many of you will be entering into the second term of the academic year. Just like 2020, this new year brings many uncertainties and questions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact upon your studies, lifes...
  5. I’m a carer, can I get any support?

    Information on the academic, financial and personal support available to carers.
  6. I'm worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  7. I can’t move into my new house because the tenants are still there self-isolating

    If you are unable to move into your new house as the previous tenants are still living in the property and are self-isolating, you should contact your landlord and letting agent as soon as possible. Your landlord may be able to offer you alternativ...
  8. I am not coming back to Leeds, how can I get my belongings back from my property?

    Information on collecting your things if you do not plan on returning to Leeds.
  9. Can I ask the University or my landlord to store my possessions until I can travel to Leeds?

    Information on asking your landlord to store your possessions.
  10. I am being charged for extending my tenancy due to self isolation, is there any financial support available?

    If you are unable to afford the costs associated with having stayed in your property due to self-isolation, or being unable to move in due to previous tenants still being in self-isolation and having to find alternative accommodation, there may be ...