Updated Articles

  1. When should I start house hunting?

    Advice on when to start house hunting and what to decide before you start.
  2. I’m worried that my attendance record will been affected during the strike. What can I do?

    More information if you're worried about your attendance during the strikes.
  3. I'm a research student, how will the UCU strike affect my teaching?

    If you have any queries about your teaching whilst the strikes are on as a research student, we've hopefully answered it here.
  4. I'm a taught student, what are the impacts of the strikes?

    Any queries you have as a taught student about the UCU strikes
  5. What are my academic reps doing about the strike?

    Information and advice concerning the strikes
  6. I'm a research student, what are the impacts of the strike?

    Everything you need to know about the UCU strikes if you're a research student.
  7. My property is uninhabitable, can I move out?

    Advice on what to do if you think your rented accommodation is unfit to live in and how to avoid having to pay rent if you move out.
  8. Can I be charged more when I have an all inclusive deal?

    Information on the charges of all inclusive deals.
  9. What repairs does my landlord have to do?

    This article talks you through what repairs your landlord/letting agent is responsible for fixing.
  10. Deposits: what you need to know.

    Information on deposits, what they are and when you should pay.