Updated Articles

  1. What type of house contract do I have?

    All you need to know to find out what type of housing contract you have and what this means for you living in your place.
  2. What type of ID can I use on a night out?

    Information on which ID you can use on a night out
  3. What is smoke free campus?

    All you need to know about the Uni and Union's commitment to a healthy, smoke free campus.
  4. What are the best areas for students to live in Leeds?

    Starting your house hunt off and wondering where to live in Leeds? Check out our advice.
  5. How do I report a Hate Crime?

    Information on how to report a hate crime and where to receive support
  6. How can I save money?

    Information and advice on how to save money whilst at Uni
  7. I'm worried about my sexual health, what can I do?

    Information and advice about where you can get sexual health support in Leeds if you have contracted an STI
  8. How do I revise for my exam?

    Tips on how to revise for your exams.
  9. How do I tell my parents I am pregnant?

    Information and advice about telling your parents you're pregnant and the support available at University.
  10. I'm feeling low

    Information and advice if you are feeling low or worried about your mental health.