Updated Articles

  1. How do I find suitable disabled accommodation?

    If you're looking for disabled accommodation we've got advice on where to start your search.
  2. How do I apply for Disabled Students Allowances’?

    How to apply for additional funding for support for your disability
  3. I am a disabled student and I am having problems with my support, what can I do?

    What to do if you think your support may not be in place
  4. I have dyslexia, where can I get a diagnostic assessment?

    How to get evidence to receive support for specific learning difficulties
  5. I am a disabled student, what support can I get?

    Information on the support available to disabled students
  6. I'm a disabled student, what funding can I get?

    Information on financial support for disabled students
  7. I am a dyslexic student with a Study Needs Assessment. Where can I get help with proof-reading?

    If you are dyslexic and need some support with proofreading we have advice for you.
  8. Are there any funding opportunities available for my club or society?

    Details of funding opportunities for your club or society and how to apply for them
  9. Can my club or society get sponsored/can I sponsor one of your clubs and societies?

    Information about getting your club or society sponsored, or sponsoring a club or society
  10. What financial help can I get from the University or Student Union?

    Help on getting financial support from the University and/or the students' union during the COVID-19 pandemic.