Updated Articles

  1. I feel homesick

    Advice on what to do if you are feeling homesick at uni.
  2. I'm feeling low

    Information and advice if you are feeling low or worried about your mental health.
  3. What does my code of standards landlord have to do?

    Information on what a code of standards landlord has to do.
  4. Can I leave Uni?

    Advice on how to change universities.
  5. What happens if the lead tenant doesn’t give me my deposit back?

    Advice on what to do if the lead tenant is not giving you your deposit back.
  6. What happens if my replacement tenant doesn’t pay the rent?

    Advice if your replacement tenant is not paying the rent.
  7. Can I get my contract checked?

    If you think you've found a house you want to sign for, make sure you get it checked for free by us first.
  8. My landlord comes round without notice, can they do this?

    Advice on how much notice a landlord should give before they or workmen come round and what to do if you find they are turning up uninvited.
  9. Can I be charged more when I have an all inclusive deal?

    Information on the charges of all inclusive deals.
  10. I thought I would enjoy uni more

    Advice and support for if you aren't enjoying university as much as you thought.