Updated Articles

  1. How do I start a society?

    Society formation s are currently on hold and we are not accepting applications - do get in touch if you have an idea so we can discuss this with you and how you can collaborate with a similar  society until  formation s re-open: ...
  2. What documents does my sports club need to be affiliated?

    Find out what documents your sports club needs to be affiliated with Leeds Sport,
  3. How is discipline handled for sports clubs?

    Get more information about how club discipline is organised
  4. What is BUCS?

    Find out more about BUCS (British University and College Sport
  5. Can my club use a coach or instructor?

    Find out what steps you have to take before using a coach or instructor in your club.
  6. Are there any funding opportunities available for my club or society?

    Details of funding opportunities for your club or society and how to apply for them
  7. How do I access my bank account?

    To access your society bank account you will need to be a signatory.  Each group can have up to three committee members as signatories for their accounts. These are usually the President, Treasurer and Secretary but you can decide who is most ...
  8. Should I still see my GP during the pandemic?

    Advice on visiting your doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic
  9. My club or society is having issues; can you help?

    Help if your society or club is having issues
  10. Can my club or society get sponsored/can I sponsor one of your clubs and societies?

    Information about getting your club or society sponsored, or sponsoring a club or society