Updated Articles

  1. I'm behind on rent can I get any financial help?

    Help and advice if you are struggling to pay rent or in debt.
  2. I’m being threatened with eviction because I can’t afford to pay my rent, what can I do?

    Information and support if you are being threatened with eviction.
  3. Deposits: what you need to know.

    Information on deposits, what they are and when you should pay.
  4. What is the average rent for Leeds?

    Info on the rent prices in Leeds and where to get the best deals.
  5. What is Joint Liability?

    Explaining what joint liability is and what this means to you.
  6. Will all the best houses go first?

    Lots of people are worried about this, but here is our advice for house hunting.
  7. What is the difference between a landlord and an agent?

    Article describes the difference between a landlord and an agent and provides information on each of their roles and responsibilities.
  8. When should I start house hunting?

    Advice on when to start house hunting and what to decide before you start.
  9. What help is there for estranged students?

    This is a practical guide with information and advice for students who are estranged from their parents.
  10. How taking drugs can impact you.

    Information about the impact on drugs and where to get support