Updated Articles

  1. I'm feeling low

    Information and advice if you are feeling low or worried about your mental health.
  2. Help and Guidance on Brexit

    Help and guidance on Brexit and what LUU and the University are doing to help.
  3. I've got no money what should I do?

    Advice on what to do if you're in financial hardship
  4. What is online bullying and where can I get support?

    Information on online bullying and where to get support
  5. Transcripts: what you need to know

    Information about transcripts: what they are and where to get one
  6. Who should I live with?

    Some information on making a decision on who to live with.
  7. What are the best areas to live in?

    Starting your house hunt off and wondering where to live in Leeds? Check out our advice.
  8. Who is a good landlord?

    There are plenty of good landlords in Leeds, here's our tips on how to find them.
  9. Can I find people to share accommodation with?

    If you are looking for new flatmates and shared accommodation, we've got some great places to start your search.
  10. I'm moving to Leeds, how do I find somewhere to live?

    If you are starting your house hunting, here are some great places to start your search.