Updated Articles

  1. Information about online teaching from January 2022

    Please click on the link for:  Information about online teaching for next semester ...
  2. What is Action Short of a Strike and how will this affect me?

    What is action short of a strike? Action Short of a Strike OS means that UCU members will only be working their contracted hours and duties, and not volunteering to do more. This will take place from Wednesday 1 December continuously until no later...
  3. Will my deadlines be extended?

    Possibly - this is something to ask your School. You can view the University's communications to students at https://students.leeds.ac.uk/info/10100/academic_life/1571/ucu_industrial_action_-_information_for_students_2021 ...
  4. I’m on a Tier 4 visa how will the strikes affect me?

    Information about attendance.
  5. What will happen on strike days?

    Guidance about who to contact and what to do.
  6. Can I claim compensation because my teaching was affected by the strikes?

    More information about claiming against the university.
  7. Will my attendance record be affected by the strike?

    More information if you're worried about your attendance during the strikes.
  8. I'm a research student, how will the UCU strike affect my teaching?

    If you have any queries about your teaching whilst the strikes are on as a research student, we've hopefully answered it here.
  9. I'm a research student, what are the impacts of the strike?

    Everything you need to know about the UCU strikes if you're a research student.
  10. I'm a taught student, what are the impacts of the strikes?

    Any queries you have as a taught student about the UCU strikes