Updated Articles

  1. I would like to organise Transport

    Please read our detailed and helpful How-to guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CYaVm07LmYtfHEJQGx8UZBxNIU0XiDvT/view?usp=sharing We have made several changes to the transport is booked. We hope to streamline the process for yourselves mak...
  2. General Info

    Exciting news! We are now able to support your society booking transport (rental cars, coaches etc) and making trips.  What is a trip? A trip constitutes an outing outside of Leeds city/campus or an overnight stay. A domestic day trip, f...
  3. How do I book a space on campus (indoors and outdoors)?

    Please use the following Activity Request Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf3eLlJwUl2UY43y2n99UlE6GdnZeJr9c7D46OvtMVwMNXb5g/viewform Here are the details on available outdoor campus spaces to book: https://docs.google.com...
  4. What are the roadmap stages?

    Great news! We are reaching the next stage of the roadmap. From the 17th of May you can with your society: Attend an outdoor venue (pub/restaurant/coffee) within the rule of 30 + social distancing Attend the park/public outdoor space within the r...
  5. Documents and Forms

    Find all the documents and forms you need to run your Leeds University Union (LUU) club or society right here in one place.
  6. What are the next steps for in person activity?

    Please read this document for more information on returning to in-person activity: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NZZOo-42srK_NTnwSg4uzgESSja3jNJZf3BtPFKS_4U/edit?usp=sharing ...
  7. I have a disability, can I apply for mitigating circumstances?

    More information about mitigating circumstances for disabled students
  8. I am a disabled student and I am having problems with my support, what can I do?

    What to do if you think your support may not be in place
  9. I am a disabled student, what support can I get?

    Information on the support available to disabled students
  10. How do we operate safely?

    You can read our document on safe operation here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KjpzRsIqULvzm3TOF3_609P3Tc1cMwRbVN00vVSJ4z0/edit ...