Updated Articles

  1. How do I put a ticket on my society's shop?

    An explanation on how to add tickets to your society's web page for shows, events etc.
  2. Covid-19 FAQs

    Please see the answers to some of your questions during this time here, and we will update this section with more information as it comes.
  3. Documents and Forms

    Find all the documents and forms you need to run your Leeds University Union (LUU) club or society right here in one place.
  4. How do I take minutes for an AGM/EGM?

    Sample order of events: Date/Times, President’s report, Treasurer’s report, Elections (nominations then results), Any other business. The minutes should include the President and Treasurer reports, a list of candidates, the result of t...
  5. What happens after an AGM/EGM?

    Send meeting minutes to the Activities Team ( activities@leeds.ac.uk ). The minutes should say exactly how many votes each candidate received. Meeting minutes must be available to other members to see. Ask new committee members to fill in the &...
  6. I want to make a change to the Constitution, how do I do this?

    Any changes or additions that you would like to be made to your society’s constitution can be done by a Referendum on voting.luu.org.uk. The committee can process these like a general vote with society members (kind of like a committee elect...
  7. How does voting work?

    In order to be eligible, voters must be current members of the society and be current students of the University of Leeds. R.O.N (Re-open nominations) must always be given as a voting option - i.e. if the voter is dissatisfied with the candidates ...
  8. What are the rules for an AGM/EGM?

    Must be held online due to Covid restrictions. The date of the AGM must be well-advertised to members on your LUU webpage as well as your preferred Social Media platforms.  10 working days notice must be given to members prior to the date of...
  9. AGM/EGM

    Every year you will need to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is to elect a new committee for the coming year.
  10. How do I access my bank account?

    To access your society bank account you will need to be a signatory.  Each group can have up to three committee members as signatories for their accounts. These are usually the President, Treasurer and Secretary but you can decide who is most ...