I'm feeling low
Information and advice if you are feeling low or worried about your mental health.
I’m not happy in my Halls, can I move out?
Help and advice on what to do if you're unhappy in your Student Halls.
I’m self-harming, who can I turn to for help?
We know that self-harming can be a way of coping with painful, difficult or distressing feelings and it may be a way for you to cope with day to day challenges.
I feel homesick
Advice on what to do if you are feeling homesick at uni.
Harassment and bullying
Support and advice if you or somebody you know is a victim of harassment or bullying.
I’m in an abusive relationship, is there any help?
Help on advice if you think you might be in an abusive or toxic relationship.
I’m worried my friend may be struggling with their mental health, how can I help?
We all have ‘mental health’ - sometimes it’s ‘good mental health’ and sometimes we can be in a place where we are struggling. It’s very normal.
I’m worried someone I know might be having suicidal thoughts
Help and advice if somebody you know might be having suicidal thoughts.
I'm having suicidal thoughts
If you are thinking of taking your own life it may feel like there is no other way out, but there is always someone who will listen and can support you.
I'm worried about my gambling habit, is there any help?
Help and advice on what to do if you're worried about gambling.
I’ve been sexually assaulted, what help is there?
There is a range of support both on and off campus and we can help you to get the support that’s right for you. Please remember it’s not your fault, no matter what the situation.
I thought I would enjoy uni more
Advice and support for if you aren't enjoying university as much as you thought.
How do I get home safely?
Information and advice on how to get home safely in Leeds.
Someone I know has died, can I get help?
Get help if somebody close to you has died.
How do I report a Hate Crime?
Information on how to report a hate crime and where to receive support
What help is there for estranged students?
This is a practical guide with information and advice for students who are estranged from their parents.
Where can I pray?
Information on where you can pray on campus.
What if I'm not ready to come out?
Advice and information about coming out.
Where can I get contraception?
Advice on where you can get contraception in Leeds.
I’m a carer, can I get any support?
Information on the academic, financial and personal support available to carers.
Information on forced marriage
If you feel you have been forced to marry against your wish, this is very different to an arranged marriage which both people consent to.
I'm a victim of honour-based violence
Honour-based violence may be committed under the justification that it is protecting or defending the honour of the family or community. The abuse can take lots of different forms, from verbal threat
How do I tell my parents I am pregnant?
Information and advice about telling your parents you're pregnant and the support available at University.
I think I might be pregnant, what can I do?
Advice on the support you can get if you think you're pregnant at university.
I’m pregnant, will I have to drop out of Uni?
Options and advice on what to do if you think you may be pregnant.
I’m considering an abortion how can I get one?
Information and advice for if you are considering an abortion.
I’ve been bereaved by suicide
Advice and support if you've been affected by suicide.
Could I take action against someone who has posted something upsetting about me online?
Guidelines for taking action against upsetting online content, or if you have been accused of posting upsetting content.
I’m feeling pressured into drinking and/or taking drugs, what can I do?
Help and advice if you feel you are being pressured into drinking or taking drugs.
I have an eating disorder, is there any help?
Help and advice if you think you may have an eating disorder.
I need a divorce, can I get a family lawyer?
Information on where to find a family lawyer
How taking drugs can impact you.
Information about the impact on drugs and where to get support
I'm worried about my friend's drug use, what can I do?
Advice on what to do and where to get support if you are worried about a friend's drug use
Will I get into trouble for taking drugs?
Information on what to do if you are caught taking drugs by the University.
I'm worried about my sexual health, what can I do?
Information and advice about where you can get sexual health support in Leeds if you have contracted an STI
What is Hate Crime?
Hate crime is any incident that is perceived by the victim, or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudiced based on race or ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual identity or gender identity.  If you think you'...
I’m a sex worker, what support is available to me?
LUU can tailor the support to what you need, providing a confidential and non-judgemental space for you to have a chat.   We can help with any academic concerns you have, including help to submit mitigating circumstances. We can also help iden...
I’m a sex worker, will I get in trouble if the University find out?
Selling sex is legal in England and Wales but certain activites around the industry are still criminalised.  The University and your School cannot discriminate against you because you are a sex worker.  If you need mitigating circumstan...
I'm a sex worker, how can I report sexual abuse or exploitation?
You have a right to work without being assaulted, harassed or abused - regardless of the work that you are doing.  You can speak to LUU Advice if you have experienced sexual assault or exploitation and we can talk through your options and suppo...
 I'm struggling to stay motivated during the lockdown
Webinar on how to develop a sense of control and stability