What happens if mitigating circumstances affected my resit?

If you failed a resit because of mitigating circumstances, such as illness or personal reasons, you should tell your School as soon as you can. If your School agrees that your problems have affected your performance, you might be able to apply for your mitigating circumstances to be considered, which would usually result in one of these options:

  • Resitting the assessment(s) as a 'first attempt', which means you can get full marks instead of a minimum pass mark
  • You might get an exceptional extra attempt at an assessment if your problems meant you failed your last attempt
  • Repeating all or part of the failed year as an internal student, meaning you would have to go to classes and pay tuition fees (you should check if financial support is available)
  • If you let your School know of any problems you’re having before or during your assessments, it might be possible for the Exam Board to take these into account when finalising your marks.

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