What is online bullying and where can I get support?

If someone is offending or intimidating you in a way which slanders or humiliates you or attacks an aspect of your identity - then this is bullying. 

Online bullying can take various forms, it could be internet trolls on a social media site, or it could come from someone you know who makes offensive comments in a group chat. It’s taken just as seriously as if the bullying took place in person and it has the the same consequences.

If you have been a victim of bullying online, we’re here for you, and there is plenty of ways we can help, even if that’s just offering a confidential space for you to talk about it or if you want to take further steps.

Here are some things you can try:

Confront Them 

If you feel comfortable, let the person know how they are making you feel and ask them to stop. Make sure you keep a record of your conversations. If you decide to respond, make sure you’re cautious about how you do it. Take a minute, pause, take 3 deep breaths and then write your response. Your initial reaction could be anger (which is understandable if you’re being bullied), but reacting with anger could escalate the situation. Remember that once something is published online, you are no longer in control of it, evidence isn’t easily deleted, so be smart about how you respond and what you choose to say. 

Report Them 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this that’s okay, you don’t have to respond at all.

You can report the incident on the University’s and LUU’s Hate Crime reporting link

If the perpetrator is someone you know from University, you could look at putting in a complaint under the University’s policy on dignity and mutual respect. You can read more about this policy here

Talk To Us 

If you wanted more advice on the above or some emotional support through this situation please come into LUU Advice, we offer an impartial, non-judgemental and confidential service. We won’t tell you what to do, we will give you your options going forward and then help you along with whichever one you pick.

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