Your Freshers' Answered


What is a Fresher?
An explanation of what the term 'Freshers' means.
Do I need a wristband for Freshers'?
Information and advice on whether or not to buy a wristband for Freshers' events.
How do I register with the University?
Information and advice on how to register with the University.
How will I make friends?
Advice and information on making friends when you arrive at University.
How do I get my student card?
Information and advice on how to register and get your student card at University.
I'm having trouble logging into the website, what do I do?
What to do if you're having problems logging in to the LUU website.
What's an NUS Extra card and how do I get one?
Information on NUS cards and how you can get one.
Why can't I buy bottled water?
Information on the bottled water ban and where you can get water from in the building.
Where do I get tickets for events?
Information on where you can buy tickets for Union events.
How do I register at the doctors?
How to register with a doctor when you get to uni.
Where's the nearest dentist?
How to find a local dentist.
What is a Freshers' Fair?
What is a Freshers' Fair and where are they?
I can’t find a club or society I want to join, can I start my own group?
How to start your own club or society.
Will I be expected to try out for sports teams before I join?
Information on trying out for sports teams.